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At Oschen as well as ensuring that our handmade vegan soap cares for your skin. We ensure that all of our packaging cares for the world around us. We have taken great care in sourcing recycled and recyclable packaging, even to the biodegradable natural glue that we use to stick the sleeves together. It is hard to get packaging that is eco friendly and looks amazing, however our customers say that we have cracked it

‘Together we can clean the world one bar at a time!’

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Oschen supplies British handmade vegan soap and cruelty free soap for all the family. Above all our soap is made with the finest quality ingredients. They include essential oils, natural butters, botanicals, plant oils and extracts. Our family run business is committed to reducing waste to help the environment whilst staying clean, shiny and smelling great. We have many handcrafted vegan soaps to tantalise your skin with, Strawberry Juice, Dead Sea Salt, Botanical Gardens just to name a few. However jump in and take a look at our other delicious handmade vegan soaps yourself.

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